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7-Year-Old Raises $10,000 for Mother’s Headstone with Lemonade Stand

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 8, 2024
7-Year-Old Raises $10,000 for Mother’s Headstone with Lemonade Stand

In Jackson County, Alabama, seven-year-old Emouree Johnson’s lemonade stand has garnered support from the local community in Scottsboro. Emouree’s mother, Karli Bordner, passed away earlier this year at the age of 29, leaving the family with funeral expenses to cover. Emouree took it upon herself to set up a lemonade stand to raise money for her mother’s headstone.

Initially, Emouree charged $1 per cup of lemonade. However, after a social media post about her cause went viral, the community started giving generous tips of over $100 for a cup of lemonade. This outpouring of support led to the family raising nearly $10,000, which will cover the cost of the headstone and other funeral expenses.

When the story gained attention, monument companies in the area offered to donate headstones for Karli Bordner. Emouree’s grandmother, Jennifer Bordner, expressed her gratitude for the support they have received. The family has also set up a GoFundMe page, which has raised an additional $3,500 to go towards funeral expenses.

Jennifer Bordner mentioned how the support received has helped the family heal and made Emouree feel loved and cared for. Emouree believes her mother would be proud of her business initiative. This heartwarming story illustrates the power of community and the kindness of strangers in coming together to support a young girl in need.

By Samantha Johnson

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