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A Second Grade Genius: Cree Carroll Shines Through His TikTok Science Channel and Makes History in the High IQ Society, Inspiring Others to Pursue Their Passions.

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Talented 7-Year-Old Mensa Member Cree Carroll from Philadelphia Sparks Science Enthusiasm on TikTok

In 2024, a 7-year-old boy from North Philadelphia made history by joining the ranks of a prestigious high IQ society known as Mensa. Cree Carroll, a second grader, has also gained widespread recognition for his TikTok channel “Cree_TV,” where he shares science lessons with nearly 16,000 followers.

Cree’s mother, Shay Carroll, has always known her son was gifted. From a young age, Cree showed an interest in topics like space, astrophysics and dinosaurs. She saw his curiosity and passion for learning and it has only continued to grow. Through his TikTok videos, Cree is able to reach a wide audience and teach them about various scientific concepts. His engaging approach and knowledge have earned him a dedicated following who are eager to learn from this young prodigy.

As Cree’s story spreads, he is not only shining a light on his own abilities but also inspiring others to pursue their interests and passions. His journey serves as a reminder that age is just a number when it comes to making a positive impact and sharing knowledge with the world.

By Samantha Johnson

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