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AI and Automation Business Adoption: Moving Beyond the Honeymoon Phase to Real Business Outcomes

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Predictions for the Adoption of AI and Automation in Business

The honeymoon phase between AI and enterprise is coming to an end, as IDC’s recent predictions report titled “IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Artificial Intelligence and Automation 2024 Top 10 Predictions” highlights. This means that IT decision-makers will begin to closely examine their investments in these technologies. Despite this scrutiny, enterprises are expected to continue investing in AI and automation. In fact, worldwide spending on AI solutions, including software, hardware, and services, totaled $166 billion in 2023 and is projected to grow 27% annually to reach $423 billion by 2027.

As organizations transition from experimenting with AI and automation to implementing them at scale, they will need to focus on the actual business impact and return on investment. This is according to Maureen Fleming, Program Vice President at IDC and a speaker at the upcoming FutureIT Los Angeles event on March 12. Fleming shared her top three predictions for AI and automation business adoption, emphasizing that AI will be judged more on its tangible business impact moving forward. Previously, AI has been viewed as an exciting new technology without the pressure of delivering real business outcomes. However, executive leadership is now looking to understand how AI and automation can benefit the bottom line.

Organizations will begin to ask tough questions about the cost of integrating AI, the new skills required, and how it will improve financial performance. The benefits of AI will be measured based on each organization’s existing business KPIs. Some organizations may tie their KPIs to customer satisfaction scores or revenue growth while for DevOps KPIs could be related to improvements in software quality or time to value while for IT operations a reduction in manual activities could be a KPI. As enterprises continue to invest in these technologies

By Samantha Johnson

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