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American Business Women’s Association marks 75 years of success

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 16, 2024
American Business Women’s Association marks 75 years of success

The American Business Women’s Association, New River Valley Express Network, led by President Kristina Rose and Vice President Sherri Blevins, has a rich 75-year legacy of empowering businesswomen and bringing together women from various occupations. The organization aims to provide opportunities for personal and professional growth through leadership development, education, networking, support, and national recognition.

To showcase their mission and connect with potential members, they will be hosting a Spring Open House on Tuesday, March 19th at 5:30 p.m. The event will take place at the Holiday Inn in Christiansburg. Those interested in attending can RSVP to Paige Godwin at godwinpaige@gmail.com or Ali Davitt at alidavitt@comcast.net.

The ABWA New River Valley Express Network is dedicated to supporting women in their professional endeavors and helping them thrive in their careers. By joining the organization, businesswomen can access valuable resources and build relationships with like-minded individuals. Consider attending the Spring Open House to learn more about what the ABWA has to offer.

By Samantha Johnson

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