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Analyzing China’s Key Economic Activity Data to Predict Growth Drivers in 2024

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 18, 2024
Analyzing China’s Key Economic Activity Data to Predict Growth Drivers in 2024

In 2023, consumption was the main driver of growth, indicating the importance of consumer spending in the economy. However, early data suggests that relying solely on consumption may not be enough to meet growth targets this year. Retail sales slowed to 5.5% year-on-year (YoY) year-to-date (ytd), slightly below market expectations but slightly above analyst predictions.

Looking at sub-categories, the “eat, drink, and play” theme showed a strong start to the year. Catering, tobacco, and alcohol sales were up 12.5% YoY ytd and 13.7% YoY ytd respectively. Sales of sports and recreation goods also rose significantly by 11.3% YoY ytd, surpassing overall growth numbers.

Communications devices and auto sales also performed well, with increases of 16.2% YoY ytd and 8.7% YoY ytd respectively. The replacement cycle benefited communications device sales, while continued subsidies for new energy vehicles boosted auto sales.

Online retail sales continued to outpace overall growth, increasing by 14.4% YoY ytd. This trend is likely to continue as e-commerce becomes more popular among consumers.

On the other hand, retail sales of housing appliances and furniture had a slow start to the year, up only 5.7% YoY ytd and 4.6% YoY ytd respectively. This may be due to a weak property sector limiting demand. However, with new policies expected to encourage trade-ins of old products for new ones, these categories are likely to see improvements later in the year.

By Samantha Johnson

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