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Ants display strikingly similar body structures to their ancestors

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 7, 2024
Ants display strikingly similar body structures to their ancestors

A new analysis suggests that all of the nearly 16,000 species of modern ants have a common extinct ancestor. This research, published in the journal Current Biology, focuses on stem ants that were preserved in 77-million-year-old amber from North Carolina. These ancient ants share similarities with modern ant species, suggesting that their distinctive body structure has remained consistent over 100 million years of evolution.

The study indicates that modern ants once coexisted with their ancient ant relatives. This phenomenon of faunal turnover, where ancient and modern species overlap, occurred during various periods in history. Unlike other species that faced extinction during the Cretaceous-Paleogene mass extinction event, ants managed to survive and their body structures remained remarkably unchanged.

The researchers note that while other animals typically show differences in body structures between ancient and modern species, ants have maintained a consistent appearance over millions of years. This suggests that their body structure is capable of persisting across changing ecological niches and extinction events.

Although it is unclear why ants underwent faunal turnover while other species did not, the researchers believe that this phenomenon may have occurred more often than mass extinctions among insects and arthropods. Despite the mysteries surrounding their survival, ants have demonstrated longevity and persistence over hundreds of millions of years of history.

By Samantha Johnson

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