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Anušić Resigns as Student and Defense Minister to Alleviate Pressure on Professors


Nov 20, 2023

Defense Minister Ivan Anušić (HDZ) has recently made the decision to freeze his student status at the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb. This move was prompted by an article that was published about his studies, which brought attention and potential pressure to the faculty and professors due to his ministerial position. Anušić stated that he wanted to alleviate this pressure and interest by freezing his student status.

Anušić completed a three-year study at the Faculty of Kinesiology and obtained the status of a baccalaureate before enrolling in a postgraduate course. The Faculty confirmed that he is currently a senior. Initially, Anušić had planned to continue his studies while living in Zagreb, but after receiving numerous media inquiries about his studies, he changed his mind and decided to freeze his student status.

It’s interesting to note that Anušić had dropped out of high school at the age of 17 to join volunteers who were defending Croatia during their war for independence. He then started studying at the Faculty of Kinesiology in 1997 and obtained his first degree as a coach in 2021 before continuing with two more years of studies.

Overall, Anušić’s decision to freeze his student status is likely intended to address any concerns or pressures related to his dual role as a government official and student.

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