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April 6 Clark County Business Update

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 6, 2024
April 6 Clark County Business Update

LSW Architects recently hired Melissa Galen as a senior architect, bringing over ten years of experience with a focus on mass timber design within the housing sector. A graduate of Woodbury University, Galen has worked on a variety of projects, including multifamily, senior living, mixed-use, and modular housing. Her work on PathHouse has received national recognition for its innovative approach to tackling both the climate and housing crises.

Renee Nutter, a Clark County native, was selected by the National Utility Contractors Association as the recipient of the 2024 “We Dig America” Award for her work in pioneering Dozer Day. Dozer Day provides children and students with hands-on experience in construction careers. The Nutter Family Foundation, which acquired the rights to Dozer Day in 2008, has expanded the program to seven events in different areas, reinvesting $2.2 million into communities with a Dozer Day presence.

In February, Gov. Jay Inslee appointed several Clark County residents to various boards and commissions. Libby Mongue-Wymore of Vancouver was appointed to the Andy Hill Cancer Research Endowment, Carolyn Sowdon of Vancouver to the Governor’s Committee on Disability Issues and Employment, and Tracy Stanley of La Center to the State Investment Board.

By Samantha Johnson

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