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APS students qualify for state level in science competition

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 11, 2024
APS students qualify for state level in science competition

Two Arlington residents achieved grand prizes at the Northern Virginia Regional Science and Engineering Fair. The 69th annual event showcased the talents of eleven students from Arlington Public Schools, who were selected to move on to the Virginia State Science and Engineering Fair at Old Dominion University.

Olivia Bartrum of Wakefield High School won a grand prize for her project on enhancing the generation of tumor antigen-specific T-cells using the Signalosome. Anna Mohanty of Washington-Liberty High School also received a grand prize for her project on predicting drug target binding affinity in HIV-1 neural infection treatment using a Convolutional Neural Network.

Additionally, nine other students from Arlington Public Schools advanced to the state competition, showcasing their innovative projects in various categories. For the full list of winners and their projects, visit the APS website.

In a separate competition, middle school students from Arlington were selected to compete in the Thermo Fisher Scientific Junior Innovators Challenge in 2024. These young innovators from Gunston, Kenmore, Thomas Jefferson, Swanson, and Williamsburg middle schools presented their STEM research projects for consideration, highlighting the bright future of science and engineering in Arlington.

By Samantha Johnson

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