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Arizona Science Center offers some eclipse viewing tips for you

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 8, 2024
Arizona Science Center offers some eclipse viewing tips for you

Many Arizonans are eagerly anticipating Monday’s solar eclipse and experts are emphasizing the importance of taking precautions to protect their vision while viewing this rare celestial event. One of the most important precautions is wearing special sunglasses designed for viewing the sun safely.

Hani Abdulle from the Arizona Science Center explains that wearing proper solar eclipse glasses will provide viewers with a crisp image of the sun. For eclipse viewing, a white light solar filter is recommended as it offers the best protection. Additionally, viewers can use simple items like the center of a colander to see shapes being made on the ground by restricting the sun’s rays and creating a projection.

For those interested in creating their own solar eclipse viewer, here are the materials needed: a rectangular cardboard box, a sheet of white paper, scissors, a pencil, aluminum foil, and tape. By following step-by-step instructions, individuals can safely view the solar eclipse without risking damage to their eyes.

By Samantha Johnson

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