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Artificial Intelligence is Using Analysis on Waste to Minimize Food Loss

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 8, 2024
Artificial Intelligence is Using Analysis on Waste to Minimize Food Loss

Restaurants and grocery stores are now utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to combat food waste. A significant 30% to 40% of the food grown in the US goes uneaten and ends up being thrown away. To address this issue, companies are employing AI to analyze food waste, inventory, and purchasing habits.

Food waste has become a substantial problem, with a large percentage of food ending up in landfills instead of being put to use. Companies are now training AI to scrutinize restaurant waste and grocery store purchases to identify items that are being discarded unnecessarily. By gathering this data, establishments can make informed decisions on what products to purchase less of based on consumption rates versus waste.

Afresh and Winnow are two examples of companies using AI to combat food waste. Afresh monitors grocery store inventory and purchases to make nutritious food more accessible and eliminate waste. On the other hand, Winnow installs cameras above restaurant garbage bins, which are monitored by AI to identify wasted food and assist in reducing costs.

With the world’s population expected to surpass 9 billion by 2050, the issue of food waste becomes even more critical. The United Nations Environment Program reports that people living in poverty are spending a sizable portion of their income on food alone. Reducing food waste could relieve pressure on water supplies and help lower deforestation, making it crucial to tackle this issue using innovative solutions like AI.

By Samantha Johnson

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