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Atomic clocks have an error rate of one second in nearly 40 billion years

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 31, 2024
Atomic clocks have an error rate of one second in nearly 40 billion years

The new atomic lattice clock has set a record for accuracy by only missing one second after 39.15 billion years. Researchers were able to create a clock with an incredibly low error rate of about eight billionths of a billionth. This level of precision is so minute that it would take a clock three times the age of the universe to miss one second, or 39.15 billion years. This breakthrough was reported by IFL Science on March 29.

The device is known as an optical lattice clock and works by using 40,000 strontium atoms trapped in a one-dimensional lattice. These atoms are kept extremely cold at just one degree above absolute zero. Each tick of the clock represents a transition between the energy levels of electrons in the atom.

The team behind this groundbreaking clock has been developing optical atomic clocks for many years, aiming to surpass the precision of conventional atomic clocks that use cesium atoms. They have worked diligently to reduce error and systematic effects in order to enhance the device’s accuracy, according to lead researcher Alexander Aeppli from the University of Colorado Boulder. Their goal is to eventually measure time with ten times more accuracy, and even potentially 100 times more.

This new type of clock will redefine the concept of seconds and offer new possibilities for scientific discoveries. Atomic clocks are already sensitive to relativistic effects, but optical lattice clocks are 1,000 times more sensitive. This means that they could help measure gravity with unprecedented levels of detail and serve as a new tool for testing general relativity. The team has published a detailed description of the device on the Arxiv database.

By Samantha Johnson

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