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Atomic Theory Launches as Co-Development Firm for In-Game Development and UI/UX Engineering

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Rocket Science Propels Atomic Theory into New Heights

Atomic Theory, a new co-development firm that offers in-game development and UI/UX engineering services to game studios, has recently been launched by Rocket Science. The general manager of Atomic Theory, Sav Fileccia, who has extensive experience in the industry and previously worked at Epic, Rare, and Mediatonic, is excited to be leading the company’s operations. Fileccia was impressed by the caliber of work and customer-centric process of the team at Rocket Science, which led him to take on the role at Atomic Theory.

Atomic Theory is based in Cardiff and will receive financial support from the Welsh government’s Economy Futures Fund. This support will enable the company to provide top-notch in-game development and UI/UX engineering services to game studios. The launch of Atomic Theory represents a new chapter in the evolution of game development, offering studios a valuable resource for their projects. With Fileccia at the helm and backing from the Welsh government, Atomic Theory is poised to make a significant impact in the gaming industry by providing innovative and high-quality services to its clients.

By Samantha Johnson

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