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Attendance at UFL games kicks off to an average beginning.

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 31, 2024
Attendance at UFL games kicks off to an average beginning.

For decades, the NFL had a blackout rule in place to ensure that televised games portrayed full stands, making games look like a big deal. Conversely, empty stands make it harder for fans watching at home to feel engaged. This challenge has been evident in recent years with spring football leagues like the AAF, XFL, USFL, and now the UFL struggling to attract large crowds to games, resulting in noticeable sparse attendance and empty seats in venues.

The UFL made its debut with so-so attendance numbers, as the first game drew 14,153 fans and the second game had 9,444 attendees. While it may have been more strategic to have the St. Louis Battlehawks play at home to attract a larger crowd initially, these attendance figures reflect the reality of attendance for new football leagues. Playing in smaller stadiums with limited capacity might be a better strategy to avoid the visual of empty seats and convey a sense of demand.

In addition to attendance challenges, these spring football leagues also face competition in terms of ratings. With Fox and ESPN broadcasting games and other major sports events like the NCAA basketball tournament and baseball games taking place, it will be difficult for the UFL and similar leagues to gain traction in the ratings. Starting during a busy sports weekend may not have been the best decision and may require a significant effort to build momentum and attract viewers.

For the UFL to succeed and generate revenue, it will need to make a bigger impact early on and attract larger crowds and viewership. The decision to brand itself as the UFL instead of using more established labels like XFL and USFL may have an impact on its ability to attract attention and establish itself in the competitive landscape of football leagues.

By Samantha Johnson

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