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Australian Blueberry Sets New World Record for Heaviest Blueberry | World News

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 15, 2024
Australian Blueberry Sets New World Record for Heaviest Blueberry | World News

A palm-sized blueberry grown by the Costa Group in New South Wales, Australia, has been officially crowned as the world’s heaviest fruit. Weighing in at 20.4g (0.71oz) and measuring 39.31mm across, it was picked on 13 November, 2023, and recognized by the Guinness World Records. The blueberry, of the Eterna variety, was cultivated as part of Costa’s variety improvement programme by Brad Hocking, Jessica Scalzo, and Marie-France Courtois.

The previous record-holder was a 16.2g berry grown in Western Australia in 2020. The Eterna variety is known for its large fruit size, crisp texture, and long shelf life. Despite the large size, the quality and flavor remain uncompromised. This blueberry was cultivated to meet the growing demand for larger produce, as consumer preferences shift towards snacking rather than using fruit for baking or breakfast cereal.

Costa’s VIP scheme, based in Corindi, has been operating for over 25 years, developing new blueberry varieties of global commercial value. George Jessett, Costa’s international horticulture manager, stated that they are constantly looking to develop new varieties that improve on existing standards and meet changing customer needs. They aim to breed varieties that are adaptable to hotter climates, more drought-tolerant, and have better resistance against pests and diseases.

By Samantha Johnson

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