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Austrian Airlines’ Flight Cancellations Prompt Works Council to Reschedule Meeting Amid Legal Action

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
Next week’s rescheduled AUA works meeting that was previously canceled

Austrian Airlines (AUA) is currently facing an increase in flight cancellations and delays, prompting the on-board staff works council to reschedule a planned meeting for next week. This decision was made after Vienna Airport was unable to provide meeting rooms due to safety-related inspection work. The works council had originally scheduled a meeting for this Friday, but it had to be cancelled.

Due to the cancellation of 150 flights on March 8th, AUA had initially prepared for the works meeting. However, despite the cancellation, the affected connections have already been removed from the system. The circular sent by the works council expressed regret for the flight irregularities that occurred both this Friday and next week, with damages amounting to 4 million euros for Friday alone.

The airline has taken legal action against the works meeting, seeking clarification from the court on various aspects such as notice requirements and duration of the meeting. The works council blames Vienna Airport for not being able to provide suitable premises, stating that safety-related inspection work was conducted on the meeting rooms at NH Hotel located at Vienna Airport.

However, Vienna Airport has emphasized that finding meeting rooms for a large number of people can be challenging and that there is no easy solution. The works meetings at AUA are held due to stalled collective agreement negotiations focused on negotiating a new collective agreement for pilots and flight attendants. The union is demanding salary increases for its employees following a successful year in the aviation industry.

The situation has caused frustration among both AUA and its staff as they try to find solutions while dealing with unexpected delays and cancellations.

By Samantha Johnson

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