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Automated Loading System for Green Tires and Carcasses showcased by Marangoni Meccanica on Day 1 of Tire Technology Expo

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 19, 2024
Automated Loading System for Green Tires and Carcasses showcased by Marangoni Meccanica on Day 1 of Tire Technology Expo

Marangoni Meccanica has developed a patented system for automating loading and unloading operations for carcasses and green tires, in order to meet the demand for integrated production lines. The tooling is designed to provide precise control over flange diameters, even during shaped carcass rotation, with synchronized or independent movement of inboard and outboard flanges.

CEO Francesco Motta expressed excitement about returning to the exhibition for another year, stating that Marangoni Meccanica has participated in the event since its inception. He emphasized the importance of the show in providing a fresh perspective on tire industry innovations and creating new business opportunities and connections for exhibitors and visitors.

During the engineering phase of the system’s development, key considerations included user-friendliness, easy maintainability, and safety features such as holding brakes engaged during manual operations. The system utilizes electronic control to adjust bead lock force during the cycle according to recipe requirements, preventing surface damage to the bead area with fluid expansion and contraction movements.

Technical director Stefano Roselli highlighted the system’s ability to define the bead lock force according to recipe, allowing users to apply the correct force without disrupting the material. This control over force and the position of the bead lock saddle increases the system’s adaptability, enabling less precise positioning of the carcass during loading without compromising bead centering precision and air leakage during inflation.

The electromechanical bead lock system can be viewed in action at Booth 8040.

By Samantha Johnson

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