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Baptist Health Richmond to enhance mobile clinic services with new expansions

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 12, 2024
Baptist Health Richmond to enhance mobile clinic services with new expansions

Baptist Health Richmond has announced the expansion of its mobile healthcare clinic services to better serve those in need in the community. The mobile clinic, which already operates in Richmond, is now adding another stop to its route in order to reach more individuals who face barriers to accessing healthcare.

Sara Stringfield, Director of Community Health and Engagement at Baptist Health Richmond, stated that the goal of the mobile clinic is to provide primary care services to individuals who may otherwise struggle to access healthcare services. The clinic will now be stationed at Spark Ministries in downtown Richmond, a community outreach organization that serves as a resource hub for those in need of various services, such as housing, insurance, food stamps, and healthcare.

Felisha Centers, who works with Spark Ministries, highlighted the importance of the mobile clinic’s presence at their location, stating that it benefits their clients by meeting them where they are at. Patients visiting the mobile clinic will have access to wellness visits for a range of illnesses, from stomachaches and pink eye to vaccinations that they may need.

Baptist Health Richmond identified a need in the community and took action to address it by expanding its mobile healthcare services to additional locations. In addition to Spark Ministries, the mobile clinic also serves Madison Home and God’s Outreach Madison County Food Bank. The mobile clinic at Spark Ministries will be available every Thursday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. to provide essential healthcare services to individuals in need.

By Samantha Johnson

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