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Bears Secure Salary Cap Situation with Jaylon Johnson’s Franchise Tag, but Will Need to be Strategic in Free Agency Moves.

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Assessing the Chicago Bears’ salary cap situation following Jaylon Johnson’s franchise tag acquisition

The Bears have secured their salary cap situation with the franchise tag placed on Jaylon Johnson. Johnson will be earning $19.8 million in 2024 unless a long-term deal is reached before the deadline in July. This significant amount of money will impact the team’s cap space, but they still have room to make additional moves if they choose to do so.

Before tagging Johnson, the Bears had approximately $75.8 million in cap space. Assuming Johnson plays on a one-year deal, their cap space will decrease to $56 million. After setting aside around $13 million for the upcoming draft class, the team will have around $43 million left for GM Ryan Poles to use in free agency next week. With multiple positions that need to be addressed and only five picks in the upcoming draft, it seems likely that the Bears will be active in the free agent market.

While they may not make a huge splash by signing a player like Chris Jones, the Bears could potentially add starting-caliber players at positions like defensive end, wide receiver, or free safety. In order to fill roster holes and improve their chances in the upcoming season, the team will need to be strategic in their approach to making additional moves.

By Samantha Johnson

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