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Behind the Scenes: AP’s Election Data Collection Process and the Team Behind It

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
2024 California Prop. 1 Election Results: Mental Health Care Initiative

The Associated Press (AP) is the source of data that the Washington Post uses for vote counts during elections. AP collects this information through a network of local reporters in all 50 states who gather it directly from state, county, and local elections offices. To ensure accuracy, AP cross-references the vote tallies with information from state and county election websites.

The production and development of this content was overseen by a team that included Lakshmi Bethanabotla, Lenny Bronner, Dana Cassidy, Dylan Freedman, Jen Haskell, Claire Helms, Daniel Kao, Ben King, Chloe Langston, Shahryar Mozumder, Diane Napolitano, Anthony Pesce, Jaya Subrahmanyan, and Nhi Tran. Product management was handled by David Lee, with project management by Henna Nawab and design by Audrey Valbuena. Editing was done by Ashlyn Still and Rachel Van Dongen with support from Scott Clement, Bryan Flaherty, and Candace Mitchell. Visual editing was completed by Chiqui Esteban, Greg Manifold

By Samantha Johnson

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