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Belgrade Student’s Mother Faces Killer: ‘Did You Know You Took My Son’s Life?’


Nov 21, 2023

The trial of the parents of the 13-year-old boy who killed nine classmates and a janitor at a Belgrade school in May will begin soon. The boy’s father was arrested on the day of the massacre, and then from custody, Kurir writes, he tried to attribute his property to another, he denied guilt, which was also confirmed by the mother of one of the murdered students.

The father of the girl killed in Belgrade talked about her son, the pain… – I couldn’t convey that love to people. How important, beautiful and immeasurable she is. We did not spare love in our family, and I constantly remind parents that they will not spoil their children with love. We pamper children when we start doing something for them, which they should already be doing themselves – she said at the beginning, Kurir writes about that. An indictment was brought against the father for an offense against general security, or as it is legally called. What touches all of us parents is who is responsible for the 10 lost lives?

What touches us as parents is what we had the opportunity to see, and that is the immeasurable, indescribable coldness of the whole family. Father says ‘What you blame me for, I don’t feel responsible’. He is the one who took the child to the shooting range, the weapon is his. He gave permission for the child to train with firearms,” said K1 quoted mother of murdered boy who added: “I was one of mothers questioned boy at hearing against his father. I had opportunity to hear recording among other things asked if he knew he killed my son? He said yes without any emotion voice same four hours later saw video mother sitting next him no reaction.”

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