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Bidding Farewell to Monnat & Nortz Automotive Center: A Community’s Loss, but Also an Opportunity for Growth in Croghan’s Automotive Industry

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Croghan business available for purchase after years of operation

For decades, Monnat & Nortz Automotive Center in Croghan, New York, has been a symbol of the community. Customers have appreciated the quality work and longstanding tradition that the business represents. The impending sale of the business will be a bittersweet moment for many in Croghan as they say goodbye to the Monnat brothers who have owned and operated it for 70 years.

Despite their plans to retire, Pete and Steve Monnat are still working hard at the garage. They are proud of the service they have provided to the public over the years. Running a small business has always been about serving the community for them, and they are determined to do so until their last day at work.

For many in Croghan, Monnat & Nortz Automotive Center is more than just a garage – it is home. Customers appreciate not only their excellent car repair services but also their friendly faces and commitment to customer satisfaction. The brothers have built strong relationships with their customers over the years, and these relationships will be missed when they leave the business.

As they prepare for retirement, Pete and Steve plan to remain in Croghan and continue contributing to their community in other ways. They look forward to spending more time with family and friends while still being able to stay connected to their roots in Croghan. They hope that whoever takes over Monnat & Nortz Automotive Center will continue serving the community with excellence and integrity.

The sale of Monnat & Nortz Automotive Center marks an end of an era but also opens up new opportunities for growth in Croghan’s automotive industry. Whatever happens next, one thing is clear – Pete and Steve Monnat’s legacy as pillars of this community will live on forever.

By Samantha Johnson

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