• Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

Blizzard Cripples Northeast: Over 1,100 Flights Canceled as New York Prepares for Heavy Snowfall


Feb 13, 2024
Nor’easter Winter Storm Causes Airlines to Cancel 1,100 Flights

The Northeast is bracing for heavy snowfall on Tuesday, with cities like New York expected to see the heaviest snowfall in over two years. Over 1,100 flights have already been canceled due to the winter storm in the region. Boston is forecast to receive up to a foot of snow.

The storm is causing major disruption, with more than 1,000 flights canceled across the US. American, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit, and United are among the airlines waiving change fees for affected passengers. Passengers can check their airline’s website for specific details. While passengers are entitled to a full refund for canceled flights, there is not always compensation for delays.

Airlines are taking steps to minimize the impact of the storm on travelers. JetBlue and Republic Airways are among those most affected by cancellations. Despite this, some unusual journeys were reported in Europe due to a similar storm that led to diversions hundreds of miles away from their intended destinations.

In conclusion, while heavy snowfall is expected in several cities across the Northeast on Tuesday, airlines are allowing travelers to change their flights without any fee and taking steps to minimize disruption as much as possible.

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