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Boeing issues reminder to companies to inspect cockpit buttons following Latam flight incident

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 16, 2024
Boeing issues reminder to companies to inspect cockpit buttons following Latam flight incident

Aircraft manufacturer Boeing is urging airlines that operate 787 Dreamliners to inspect specific buttons in the cockpits as a precaution, following an incident on a flight in New Zealand that resulted in multiple injuries. Boeing stated on Friday that they are still investigating the incident on flight LA800 and are leaving it to the authorities to discuss any findings. In the meantime, they have reminded operators of a safety bulletin from 2017 that includes instructions for inspecting and maintaining buttons on cockpit seats and recommended that operators conduct these inspections at the next maintenance opportunity.

Boeing frequently provides advice and recommendations to operators regarding their aircraft fleets, but this situation is particularly noteworthy. The incident involved a Latam flight from Sydney to Auckland that experienced a sudden loss of altitude over the Tasman Sea. Passengers on board described a dramatic drop in altitude, which caused injuries to around fifty people, with twelve requiring hospitalization. According to sources in the airline sector cited by the Wall Street Journal, the incident was caused by a flight attendant accidentally activating a button on the pilot’s seat while serving a meal, resulting in a sudden pitch downward of the aircraft.

Both Latam and Boeing have declined to comment on the incident as investigations are ongoing. The American Aviation Agency has confirmed that they will be reviewing a message to companies proposed by Boeing following the incident, which will focus on the buttons on the pilots’ seats. The Corrective Action Review Board composed of safety experts will assess the situation and provide further guidance as needed. The American Aviation Agency will continue to monitor the situation closely.

By Samantha Johnson

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