• Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Boosting Bilateral Ties: Italian and Argentine Business Leaders Discuss Strengthening Economic Bonds


Feb 13, 2024
Discussion of Key Problems that Need Resolution

During a business forum held in Argentina on Tuesday, Italian Chancellor Antonio Tajani addressed an audience of 35 Argentine businessmen and members of Confindustria, the Italian industrialists’ association. Tajani highlighted the importance of strengthening the economic bond between the two countries, citing trade, investments, and the presence of companies as evidence. He also emphasized the need for enhancing the business climate and addressing critical issues in dialogue between the Argentine government and Italian companies.

Argentine Finance Minister Diana Mondino also spoke at the forum, focusing on deepening Argentina’s internalization through its companies. She emphasized that business internationalization is crucial for growth and achieving competitiveness. Mondino provided statistics on Argentine exports of Knowledge-Based Services and highlighted opportunities for exchange between Argentina and Italy in various sectors.

The forum was attended by Daniel Funes de Rio, president of the Argentine Industrial Union, along with other influential business leaders from Argentina. The event provided a platform for dialogue and collaboration between Argentine and Italian business communities and served as an opportunity to explore future partnerships and opportunities.

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