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Bouygues Immobilier announces job cuts following Nexity and Vinci in response to housing crisis

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 8, 2024
Bouygues Immobilier announces job cuts following Nexity and Vinci in response to housing crisis

Bouygues Immobilier, a subsidiary of the Bouygues group, is facing financial difficulties and has announced plans to eliminate 225 positions through a social plan. The company stated that it needs to adapt to the changes in its market, order book, and portfolio of operations to prepare for the future in a rapidly changing world.

This decision comes as other major developers in the real estate sector, such as Nexity and Vinci Immobilier, have also announced social plans due to rising construction costs and a decrease in demand. Bouygues Immobilier reported a net loss of 7 million euros in 2023 and a decrease in income compared to the previous financial year.

The job protection plan at Bouygues Immobilier will undergo negotiations with employee representatives in the coming weeks, with a focus on voluntary measures and internal reclassification for affected employees. The company aims to address the challenges of tomorrow’s real estate market through a more agile and efficient organization.

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By Samantha Johnson

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