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Bravery Saves Cub from Hyena Ambush in Kruger National Park: A Tale of Courage and Survival


Feb 13, 2024
Watch a Lioness Sacrifice Herself to Save Her Cub from Hungry Hyenas

A lioness and her cubs were feasting on a meal in a tree when a pack of famished hyenas appeared, hoping to snatch some leftovers. Suddenly, one of the cubs jumped down from the tree in what seemed like an attempt to flee the scene. However, this move proved fatal as the hyenas quickly surrounded the cub and closed in with their snapping jaws.

“The cub was terrified; it froze,” said Benji Solms, a guide at Serondella Game Lodge in Kruger National Park in South Africa. “The whooping sounds of the hyenas, accompanied by their fearsome appearance, made him tremble with fear. He realized that he had made a grave mistake.”

Fortunately, the mother lion recognized the threat and acted swiftly to save her cub. She dropped the impala carcass from the tree and leaped down to confront the hyenas head-on.

“She gave them a death stare and stood firm,” Solms recounted. “It worked, and the hyenas instantly turned their attention from the helpless cub to the meat in front of them.”

With dinner sacrificed for her cub’s safety, the lioness successfully rescued him from certain death thanks to her bravery and quick thinking. The story originally appeared on For The Win.

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