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Breakdown at Nuevo Laredo International Bridge Halts Part of International Trade in Mexico, Leads to Economic Losses


Feb 10, 2024
Customs traffic jam and trade paralysis with the US due to system failure

On February 7, the Nuevo Laredo customs reported that they had received instructions from the central area to halt operations in the loading area of the International Bridge III of World Trade at 10 p.m. This resulted in a paralysis of part of international trade in Mexico that lasted for more than 36 hours. The merchandise dispatch system experienced interruptions, which caused serious consequences for the food safety value chain and potential problems with the supply of raw materials for food production.

As of Thursday, hundreds of trailers began moving through customs areas as the National Customs Agency of Mexico (ANAM) reported it was performing a comprehensive system evaluation. However, this did not relieve the bottleneck completely and restoring the flow of service could take up to a week. At least 20,000 export and import operations were suspended at the Nuevo Laredo International Bridge, resulting in economic losses totalling 660 million dollars. The logistic problems extended to other customs areas in cities such as Tijuana, Manzanillo, and Ciudad Juárez, leading to delays in imports and exports and a bottleneck in the system.

Thursday saw the gradual reestablishment of the merchandise clearance process in several customs areas, but given the slowness of the system and backlog, restoring full flow could take up to a week. Port authorities have announced an extension of service hours at ports like Manzanillo and Otay checkpoint in Tijuana to speed up procedures and address cargo vehicles waiting to pass. These interruptions have caused significant disruptions to international trade and will likely have long-term effects on both sides of

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