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Breaking Barriers and Boundaries: Conversations with Claire Curzan and Kathryn McClain on the SwimSwam Podcast

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Claire Curzan Thrives in Long Course at 2024 World Championships with Help from Underwater Training

The SwimSwam Podcast offers in-depth conversations about swimming, delving into the sport with hosts Coleman Hodges, Garrett McCaffrey, and Gold Medal Mel Stewart. The podcast features discussions with both established names in swimming and promising newcomers, exploring the past, present, and future of aquatic sports.

At the 2024 Doha World Championships, Claire Curzan made history by becoming just the third athlete (alongside Qin Haiyang and Kaylee McKeown) to sweep all three individual events of one stroke at a long course world championships. Curzan shares her thoughts on the meet and provides insights into her training at her new home in Charlottesville. The soon-to-be sophomore has been focusing on aerobic free to build a base for her 200 back, as well as incorporating a lot of underwater work in her training routine, which has proven beneficial in finishing her long course races.

The podcast also features Kathryn McClain discussing topics such as drawing the line between healthy and unhealthy coaching practices, coaches convincing themselves that their methods are appropriate, coaching the whole person, the importance of youth sports, and training adequately without overdoing it. Listeners can learn more about Kathryn’s original blog post and the We Ride Together initiative. The podcast includes links to music by Otis McDonald and a disclaimer that the opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints of the guests do not necessarily reflect those of the hosts, SwimSwam Partners, LLC

By Samantha Johnson

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