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Breaking New Ground: EU Reaches Agreement to Encourage Device Repairs for a Sustainable Future


Feb 10, 2024
Europeans have the right to request repairs, choose independent service, or perform DIY fixes for their devices

The European Union (EU) has reached a new agreement to protect the rights of consumers when it comes to repairing their electronic devices and appliances. This is a positive move towards reducing waste and promoting sustainability, as it encourages users to repair broken devices instead of replacing them.

Under the agreement, users have the right to demand repair from the manufacturer if their device breaks down. They can contact the manufacturer and request a repair at a reasonable price within a reasonable time frame, even if the device is no longer under warranty. The agreement also requires manufacturers to provide a repair form outlining the necessary repairs, spare parts, and estimated costs.

Additionally, users can choose to repair damaged devices at third-party repair companies or access the European online repair platform for more options. Manufacturers are also prohibited from preventing independent repairers from using second-hand or 3D printed spare parts in order to encourage competition and innovation in this field.

This agreement will require some additional effort on behalf of manufacturers and consumers alike, but ultimately it will lead to more sustainable practices and less waste in our society. It’s important that this provisional agreement be formally endorsed by both institutions before it can take effect fully.

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