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Brigitte García, mayor of San Vicente in Ecuador, fatally shot in Manabí

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 25, 2024
Brigitte García, mayor of San Vicente in Ecuador, fatally shot in Manabí

The mayor of a coastal town in Ecuador was shot dead, as reported by the police on Sunday, amid a state of emergency declared in the country to combat violence related to drug trafficking. Brigitte García, the mayor of San Vicente in the province of Manabi, was murdered along with one of her officials. The police found them inside a vehicle with gunshot wounds early in the morning.

The violence in Ecuador escalated after the escape of the gang leader The Choneros, Adolfo Macias alias “Issue” from prison in Guayaquil. This led to a state of emergency being declared and the government labeling twenty drug organizations as “terrorists” and sending armed forces to address the situation. Despite the government’s efforts through the Phoenix Plan, which involved the presence of soldiers in prisons and on the streets, there have been several incidents of violence in the country.

There have been reports of ambushes on army patrols, bomb threats, and evacuations of public spaces due to threats. The murder of the mayor, Brigitte García, who was only 27 years old and associated with the Citizen Revolution movement led by former President Rafael Correa, has shocked the nation. Politicians, prosecutors, and members of the public force have been victims of violence in Ecuador, highlighting the precarious security situation in the country.

Ecuador, positioned between Colombia and Peru, two major cocaine producers, has become a hub for drug trafficking to the United States and Europe. Criminal gangs, affiliated with Mexican and Colombian cartels, are fighting for control over drug routes and power within prisons, leading to a high homicide rate in the country. Despite government efforts to combat drug trafficking and violence, the situation remains challenging in Ecuador.

By Samantha Johnson

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