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British man becomes world’s oldest man at age 111

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 7, 2024
British man becomes world’s oldest man at age 111

British man John Alfred Tinniswood, 111, has been confirmed as the world’s oldest man by Guinness World Records. This recognition came after the previous record-holder, Venezuelan Juan Vicente Pérez Mora, passed away just weeks before his 115th birthday. Another contender, Gisaburo Sonobe from Japan, also passed away at the age of 112, preventing him from claiming the title. Tinniswood received his certificate from Guinness World Records at the care home where he resides in Southport, northwest England. Known for being quite the talker, staff at the care home describe him as “a big chatterbox.”

Born in Liverpool on August 26, 1912, just months after the sinking of the Titanic, Tinniswood has experienced a long life that witnessed two world wars. He served in the British Army Pay Corps during World War II, making him the oldest living male World War II veteran. Tinniswood shares that moderation has been integral to his long life. He avoids smoking, barely drinks, and sticks to no specific dietary plan other than indulging in his favorite fish and chip dinner every Friday.

The key, according to Tinniswood, is being moderate in various aspects of life. He believes that overconsumption or overexertion can lead to suffering in the end. However, he is also quick to acknowledge that a significant part of longevity is attributed to luck. Tinniswood shared that one either lives long or short, and there isn’t much that one can do to change that. Maria Branyas Morera from Spain currently holds the title of the world’s oldest woman and oldest living person at the age of 117.

By Samantha Johnson

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