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Business owner in Oakland receives sentence for money laundering to cartels

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 31, 2024
Business owner in Oakland receives sentence for money laundering to cartels

Felipe de Jesus Ornelas Mora, the owner of Rincon Musical in Oakland, has been sentenced for money laundering drug proceeds through his business. He and his employees knowingly accepted large sums of money from drug dealers and wired it to Mexico and Honduras using other customers’ identities to conceal the transactions. These activities took place at the International Boulevard establishment between September 2020 and August 2022.

Ornelas Mora, 51, was convicted of conspiracy to commit money laundering and received an 18-month prison sentence and three years of supervised release. The transactions were kept under $3,000 to avoid federal reporting requirements, which led to an investigation after wire receipts were discovered on arrested drug dealers’ phones.

DEA Special Agent in Charge Brian M. Clark emphasized that money laundering plays a critical role in the drug cartel business model, and Ornelas Mora’s actions contributed to this illegal enterprise. First Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick D. Robbins emphasized the commitment to combatting drug trafficking by prosecuting money services businesses that participate in money laundering. CI Acting Special Agent in Charge Michael Mosley warned against facilitating the profitability of drug trafficking through illegal financial activities that perpetuate the drug epidemic in communities.

By Samantha Johnson

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