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Business Traveller reviews Cathay Pacific’s latest premium economy seats

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 9, 2024
Business Traveller reviews Cathay Pacific’s latest premium economy seats

Cathay Pacific has introduced several upgrades to its premium economy class, including a larger IFE screen and new GUI system. The IFE screens have been increased to an impressive 15.6 inches, up from 11 inches, and feature high-definition 4K monitors with Bluetooth pairing capabilities. The new GUI system, which is being rolled out starting with the A350 aircraft, offers a more thematic navigation system, an updated 3D map, and enhanced cameras for live nose and tail views.

In addition to these upgrades, Cathay Pacific has partnered with Disney +, HBO Max, and Paramount to expand its content offerings for passengers. These partnerships will provide a wider range of entertainment options, including live sports. Passengers will also have the ability to control their customer experience using the new IFE system, allowing them to browse menu options and engage in in-flight shopping.

Furthermore, Cathay Pacific plans to introduce new sustainable dining elements in the premium economy and economy cabins later this year. These upgrades aim to enhance the overall passenger experience and offer more options for in-flight entertainment and dining.

By Samantha Johnson

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