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Caitlin Clark’s economic impact enriches Iowa by up to $52.3 million

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 22, 2024
Caitlin Clark’s economic impact enriches Iowa by up to $52.3 million

Caitlin Clark’s economic impact, known as “Clarkonomics,” has been a topic of speculation. On Thursday, it was revealed that the star guard added up to $52.3 million to the state’s economy. The Common Sense Institute (CSI) Iowa, a nonpartisan research organization, conducted a study to quantify Clark’s economic contributions. The report highlighted how Clark has significantly enhanced women’s sports and marketed the University of Iowa and the state.

The bulk of Clark’s monetary impact comes from increased attendance at Iowa women’s basketball home games. The CSI projected that attendance at these games contributed between $14.4 million and $52.3 million to the state economy. The study showed that attendance at home conference games in 2023-24 was 2.8 times higher than before Clark joined the team, with nearly 15% of fans traveling from out of state.

During the season, all 14 of Iowa women’s basketball home games were sellouts. A notable event was an exhibition match against DePaul played outdoors in Kinnick Stadium, drawing a record attendance of 55,646 – the highest for an NCAA women’s basketball game. The economic impact of Clark’s contributions could purchase over 5,000 acres of Iowa farmland or cover the tuition of over 4,500 University of Iowa students.

The study did not specify if the tuition mentioned was for in-state or out-of-state residents. However, tuition for Iowa residents was $10,964 in 2023-24, while out-of-state residents paid $32,927. The average cost of an acre of Iowa farmland that year was $11,835. In terms of consumer spending in the state, Clark’s impact led to an increase of around $82.5 million, nearly double the revenue generated by the 2021 Iowa State Fair.

By Samantha Johnson

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