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California Legislator Aims to Assist Employees in Ignoring Work Demands After Hours

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 1, 2024
California Legislator Aims to Assist Employees in Ignoring Work Demands After Hours

A lawmaker in California is pushing for a bill that would give employees the right to ignore after-hours calls from their boss. This legislation, known as Assembly Bill 2751, is meant to address the changes in work policies that have occurred as a result of the pandemic. Workers have found themselves in a constant state of being on call due to remote or hybrid schedules that blur the line between work and personal time.

The bill, if passed, would allow employees to disconnect from communications from their employer during off hours, with exceptions for emergencies or scheduling changes. Assemblymember Matt Haney, who introduced the bill, believes that workers should have the right to establish boundaries between their work and personal lives. He wants to ensure that employees are not constantly expected to be available after their designated work hours.

The legislation has been met with support from workers who feel overwhelmed by the constant communication and lack of clear boundaries between work and personal time. The bill is currently in the Assembly’s Committee on Labor and Employment, where it is undergoing review and potential amendment. If it passes in the Assembly, it will move on to the State Senate for further consideration before potentially becoming law.

By Samantha Johnson

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