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California voters split evenly on Prop 1 for mental health, homeless funding

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Outcome of California prop 1 remains undecided.

As of Wednesday morning, the outcome of Proposition 1, a measure to restructure the funding of mental health and homeless support in California, remained too close to call with only half of the votes counted. Proposition 1, backed by Governor Gavin Newsom, aimed to redistribute approximately $6.4 billion in taxpayer dollars towards building mental health treatment facilities and providing housing for the homeless.

Despite bipartisan support, the initiative faced opposition from some voters who were concerned about its potential impact on the state’s already limited resources. However, with just under half of the state’s primary ballots counted, voters were nearly evenly divided, with 50.5% supporting Proposition 1 and 49.5% voting against it.

The division was largely geographic, with populous counties along California’s Pacific coastline generally supporting the measure while inland counties where homelessness is less visible generally opposed it by larger margins. The money would be borrowed against income taxes already imposed on individuals earning over $1 million annually. Currently, this money is allocated entirely by counties.

If passed, Proposition 1 would allow the state to receive a larger share of this tax revenue and require counties to spend about two-thirds of these funds on housing and rental assistance for the unhoused who are chronically homeless and have mental health or addiction issues. The bond would be used to add approximately 11,150 new treatment beds and supportive housing units as well as more than 26,000 outpatient spots according to Governor Newsom’s website. Additionally, there is $1 billion specifically allocated for veterans’ housing in the bond.

By Samantha Johnson

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