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California’s Mental Health Reform Initiative on 2024 Ballots: A Promising Step Towards Addressing the Housing Crisis

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
The Mental Health Bill: California Proposition 1

Proposition 1, which aims to reform California’s mental health system, is set to appear on ballots in the 2024 presidential primary. This initiative seeks to address the state’s housing crisis by providing funding for new mental health treatment facilities and permanent supportive housing for those in need.

The $6.4 billion bond that will be utilized to fund these projects is divided into two parts: Senate Bill 326 and Assembly Bill 531. Senate Bill 326 aims to amend the existing Mental Health Services Act, while Assembly Bill 531 establishes a $6.38 billion general obligation bond that will create over 11,000 new treatment beds and supportive housing units, as well as more than 26,000 outpatient spots. Notably, $1 billion of this bond has been earmarked specifically for veterans’ housing.

Governor Gavin Newsom has been a driving force behind this initiative, which he believes will significantly improve the mental health services available in California. While recent polls show that about 59% of likely voters support the proposition, this number has decreased from 68% in November. It remains to be seen how voters will ultimately decide on this important issue as more information becomes available.

By Samantha Johnson

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