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Call for Action: Launch of Safer World for All Campaign Aims to Create a More Equitable and Secure Future

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
Caritas partners with faith-based organizations to advocate for a more secure planet

The Safer World for All campaign was launched at the Global Citizen NOW conference in Melbourne. Representatives from Oxfam Australia, Micah Australia, and Caritas Australia came together to call on the Australian Government to prioritize foreign aid, support a fair global economy, and take action on climate change.

Kirsty Robertson, Chief Executive of Caritas Australia, highlighted the challenges faced by vulnerable communities around the world. These include conflicts, climate change, and financial pressures. Without intervention, these threats pose a risk to hunger, poverty, and displacement. Governments like Australia’s have a responsibility to mitigate these threats and protect those most at risk.

The Safer World for All campaign outlines specific calls to action. These include doubling the Humanitarian Emergency Fund to $300 million annually, increasing investment in disaster preparedness, expanding the foreign aid budget to 0.37% of gross national income by 2027, and contributing to global climate finance efforts. Additionally, the campaign advocates for fairer debt, tax, and investment practices to benefit developing countries.

Damian Spruce emphasized the importance of reducing global damage caused by climate impacts, humanitarian crises, and economic disparities for everyone’s benefit. The Safer World for All campaign aims to create a more equitable and secure world by addressing the root causes of global challenges and promoting cooperation among nations.

The coalition of 25 humanitarian aid agencies and faith-based charities is urging governments like Australia’s to take action now before it’s too late for vulnerable communities around the world.

By Samantha Johnson

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