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Cambodia sets new world record for largest ‘bridal carry event

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 9, 2024
Cambodia sets new world record for largest ‘bridal carry event

In Cambodia, a group of determined individuals gathered to break a unique world record in the hot and humid weather. A total of 245 men participated in the event, lifting their partners in a traditional “bridal carry” position. This involved holding the partner with one arm under the legs and the other behind the back for a full minute, as verified by representatives from Guinness World Records.

Excitement and joy filled the air as participants, ranging from young adults to seniors, took part in the challenge. Sam Khan, a 25-year-old participant, expressed his happiness at being involved in breaking a world record for Cambodia. For many, like 50-year-old Heng Pov, it was a thrilling experience to be carried by a loved one in such a unique event.

Following the successful record-breaking attempt, participants had the opportunity to continue with the challenge for a chance to win a new car. The “bridal carry” tradition, where a groom carries his bride over the threshold of their new home, was the inspiration behind this event. It brought people together in a fun and memorable way, showcasing the strength and unity of the community.

By Samantha Johnson

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