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Caputo meets with US Treasury official to discuss reforms and IMF relations

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 15, 2024
Caputo meets with US Treasury official to discuss reforms and IMF relations

The Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, is scheduled to meet with Brent Neiman, a US Treasury envoy, on Friday to discuss the adjustment plan, the agreement with the IMF, and the progress of reforms. This meeting follows Caputo’s recent discussions with the head of the Central Bank, Santiago Bausili, and will continue with other government and private sector representatives.

Neiman, the Undersecretary of International Finance of the US Treasury, is visiting as part of efforts to resume stalled reforms. This will be the fourth meeting in recent weeks between Caputo and Treasury officials, signaling the importance of the discussions. These talks cover issues such as bilateral relations, economic reforms, and cooperation with multilateral organizations.

The Government has committed to presenting a roadmap by the end of the month to lift restrictions and abandon the dual exchange rate system. However, President Caputo acknowledges the need for reserves to support these measures. The IMF and the US Treasury are closely monitoring the sustainability of the adjustment plan and how it affects vulnerable sectors.

In recent weeks, Caputo has engaged with various US Treasury officials, including former senator Chris Dodd and deputy assistant secretary Michael Kaplan, among others. The discussions cover a wide range of international economic priorities, including responses to global events such as the war in Ukraine, financial regulation, and bilateral issues with different countries.

As the Government works towards implementing reforms and securing support for its economic measures, these dialogues with international partners play a crucial role in shaping Argentina’s economic future. By engaging with key stakeholders and seeking cooperation, the Minister of Economy aims to ensure the success of the adjustment plan and the country’s economic recovery.

By Samantha Johnson

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