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Case Construction Equipment Recognizes Lee Tractor Co. for Customer-First Approach and Technology Leadership

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
Case Recognizes Lee Tractor for Technological Innovation: CEG

Case Construction Equipment recently recognized Lee Tractor Co. with the J.I. Case Award for their customer-first approach, resilience, and focus on practical innovation. This year’s theme centered around technology, including precision machine control and connected services that transmit machine status, location, and maintenance reminders.

Lee Tractor Co., led by president Stephen Dottolo, emphasizes the importance of technology in their partnership with customers to improve performance and efficiency. They aim to provide customers with an enhanced operator experience and make them more profitable through connected services. The collaboration with Case reinforces their commitment to excellence and the belief that “No One Will Out Work Us.”

Terry Dolan, vice president of North America for Case Construction Equipment, commended Lee Tractor for their leadership in adopting technology and their customer-first mindset. He acknowledged how technology can help customers win more business and be more profitable on jobs. Dolan expressed excitement to see Lee Tractor’s continued success in the future.

For more information about Lee Tractor Co. and Case Construction Equipment, visit www.leetractor.net and www.cnh.com respectively.

By Samantha Johnson

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