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Celebrating Collaboration and Creativity at Rosemont School’s Science and Social Studies Fair

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Rosemont Showcases Science and Social Studies Skills

The Science and Social Studies Fair at Rosemont School was a resounding success on February 27th. Held in the school gym, the fair allowed students to work collaboratively on projects exploring various science and social studies themes. It was an excellent opportunity for them to showcase their knowledge and creativity to visitors.

Principal Peter Schaul, who had previously taught upper-grade science before being promoted last year, attended the fair. His presence there emphasized the importance of the event within the school community. Schaul took the opportunity to speak at the fair, further highlighting the significance of students’ hard work.

During the fair, sixth and seventh-grade students delivered science presentations, demonstrating their understanding of different scientific concepts. One of the highlights was a demonstration by students showcasing how strong a homemade bridge could be. The event brought together students, teachers, and visitors while fostering collaboration and sharing knowledge and achievements.

The Science and Social Studies Fair at Rosemont School provided a platform for students to learn from one another while collaborating on projects. It also allowed them to present their work to a broader audience, showcasing their academic abilities as well as nurturing a sense of community pride within the school.

Overall, it was an excellent opportunity for students to engage with one another while developing important skills such as teamwork, critical thinking and communication skills.

By Samantha Johnson

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