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Certification as Women/Minority Business Seminar on Maui Now

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 16, 2024
Certification as Women/Minority Business Seminar on Maui Now

The next Women In Business Seminar, hosted by the Maui Economic Development Board, will feature Maria Boykin, the director of certification at the Women’s Business Enterprise Council-West. Maria will be discussing the process of certification as a women/minority-owned and certified business. This seminar will take place on March 28 from noon to 1 p.m. and will explore the competitive advantages associated with this type of certification. To register for this event, you can do so by visiting the event’s registration page on the Maui Economic Development Board website.

Maria Boykin will provide valuable insights on what is required to obtain certification for companies whose documents validate the necessary requirements for ownership, operation, control, highest title, and independence by a woman or women owner(s). Participants in the seminar will gain knowledge on government work opportunities, the significance of being certified, and how certification can contribute to business growth.

The Women In Business Seminar Series is a collaborative effort between the Maui Economic Development Board, the Women’s Business Enterprise Council, and is supported by the SBA Community Navigator Pilot Program and Maui County. This series aims to support and empower women and minority-owned businesses by providing valuable information and resources to assist in their growth and success.

By Samantha Johnson

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