• Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

Challenges with Renewing Business Licenses in Georgia: A Frustrating Story for Licensed Professionals


Feb 10, 2024
Georgia Business Owners Experience Frustration Due to State Website Problems – WSB-TV Channel 2

Across Georgia, business owners are facing challenges with renewing their licenses through the new online program offered by the Secretary of State. This issue is affecting all types of businesses, including hairdressers and funeral directors. Michael Lavay, a licensed cosmetologist in the state for 30 years, has described the process as normally straightforward but has encountered difficulties due to the update.

Lavay emphasized the importance of renewing licenses and the potential consequences of not doing so on time. He expressed his frustration at being unable to renew his license despite being a licensed professional in the state for three decades. Other professionals, such as vets, athlete agents, and architects, have also faced similar issues.

When Lavay reached out to the state for assistance, he received unhelpful responses that added to his frustration. The state confirmed that there were issues with the site and extended the deadline for renewal until April 30th. However, there was no clear information about when these problems would be resolved.

Lavay expressed hope that these issues would be fixed soon, stressing how important it is to get the online program operational before its release. As business owners continue to face difficulties with license renewal, they are eagerly waiting for a resolution to these problems with the Secretary of State’s new online program.

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