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Challenging the Status Quo: Jon Rahm’s Criticism of the Official World Golf Ranking System and LIV Golf’s World-Ranking Aspiration

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Rahm criticizes OWGR for not accurately representing the world’s top players

Jon Rahm has been critical of the Official World Golf Ranking for a long time. As a former world No. 1, it was not surprising to hear Rahm discredit the system when news broke that LIV Golf would no longer be pursuing world-ranking accreditation. Rahm expressed his skepticism towards the system, stating that he had doubts about it even two years ago during the DP World Tour Championship. He believes that with time, the flaws in the system become more evident.

LIV had applied for world-ranking points in July 2022 but was denied last October by the OWGR due to various concerns, including LIV’s closed-shop qualification system and team element. Despite trying to earn points through an alliance with the Mena Tour, this attempt was also unsuccessful. Rahm criticized the OWGR during the 2022 DP World Tour Championship, calling it “laughable” and pointing out the perceived discrepancy in strength of fields for PGA Tour events compared to DP World Tour tournaments.

Rahm’s current argument with LIV focuses on top players like Joaquin Niemann, who is ranked No. 76 despite multiple wins on LIV this year and a victory at the Australian Open last December. Niemann has even received special invites to the Masters and PGA Championship. Rahm believes that players like Niemann should be considered among the best in the world and that the current ranking system does not accurately reflect this.

While there is no clear path to majors through LIV yet, Rahm insists that players like Niemann deserve recognition for their performances. He emphasizes the importance of evaluating players based on their skills and achievements rather than relying solely on rankings. Rahm, along with many others in the golf community, questions the fairness and accuracy of the current system and calls for a more reflective and inclusive approach to ranking players in

By Samantha Johnson

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