• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Chargers’ S Alohi Gilman Calls for Change in Football Culture


Nov 20, 2023

On Sunday, the Chargers lost their fifth game of the season by one score. However, what may have been an even bigger blow to the team was Packers quarterback Jordan Love setting a career high in passing yards. After the game, head coach Brandon Staley dismissed questions about defensive changes and asserted that the team lost because they fell short in all phases of the game, not just on defense.

Despite Staley’s defiance, safety Alohi Gilman expressed frustration and stated that the team cannot continue with their current approach if they want to see different results. The Chargers will have a chance to turn things around next Sunday when they host the Ravens. If they lose again, it could further weaken their position in the playoff chase and lead to significant changes for the team in the future.

The Chargers’ poor performance on Sunday has left them at 4-6 after making the playoffs last season. While Staley remains committed to his current strategy, it remains to be seen whether this approach will be enough to turn things around for his team.

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