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Chasing Olympic Dreams: Dubai Street 2024 is a High-Stakes Competition for Skateboarders on the Road to Paris

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Dubai Street 2024: World Skateboarding Tour

Dubai Street 2024, the second stop on The World Skateboarding Tour, is currently underway at Dubai Harbour from March 3 to March 10. This event is a crucial part of the ‘Road to Paris’ for park and street skateboarders aiming to compete at the Olympic Games.

Skaters participating in the event have the chance to earn points towards their Olympic World Skate Ranking (OWSR) before the cut is made for the Olympic Qualifying Series (OQS), which is the next phase of qualification. The OQS consists of two competitions in Shanghai and Budapest, where the final fields for Paris 2024 will be determined.

With only a few spots left up for grabs, this competition has become even more intense as skaters strive to secure their place in the Olympics and make their mark in the world of skateboarding. Keep an eye on your favorite skaters as they put on their best performance and hope to make it all the way to Paris 2024!

By Samantha Johnson

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