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Chelsea Approaching New Community Health Resource

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 14, 2024
Chelsea Approaching New Community Health Resource

During the Chelsea City Council meeting on April 1, 2024, members of the Roundtable Group provided an update on the progress of adding a new community mental health resource using rebate funds from the 2017 County Mental Health and Public Safety Millage. The presentation was given by Chelsea School District Superintendent Mike Kapolka and CEO of 5 Healthy Towns Steve Petty.

Kapolka shared that the group has been meeting regularly to discuss the structure and management of the new resource. They are determining where it should be administratively housed and the geographic scope of the services it will provide. Although final decisions have not been made, they are close, with the service area expected to mirror the Chelsea School District boundaries.

The purpose of the new position is to complement the existing network of community mental health resources, such as social workers and psychologists at schools, Chelsea Hospital, CPD, and other local agencies. The collaborative efforts between these resources will ensure continuity of care for those in the community who benefit from the support.

Mayor Jane Pacheco, a member of the Roundtable Group, shared a significant update on the progress. She highlighted the involvement of Washtenaw County Community Mental Health, which not only offered financial support but also volunteered to act as the clinical management supervisor for the new position.

Kapolka emphasized that the position is a two-year pilot program and is not yet permanent. This timeframe allows for thoughtful consideration, reflection, feedback, and evaluation to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the new resource.

By Samantha Johnson

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