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Chile Excludes Israel from FIDAE 2024 Air Show: Implications on International Relations

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
Israel barred from participating in Chilean air show

In a major move, the Chilean government has decided to exclude Israel from the FIDAE 2024 air show, announced last night by President Gabriel Borich. The Ministry of Defense in Santiago confirmed this decision, which has significant implications on international relations.

Israel was set to be represented by several major defense industries at the exhibition, which is considered one of the most significant in Latin America. However, the young president of Chile, known for his anti-Israel policies, has made the decision to exclude Israel from the event.

This move comes after Colombian President Gustavo Petro announced the suspension of defense imports from Israel, citing accusations of genocide in the Gaza Strip. While Latin America represents a small portion of Israeli defense exports, this political stance has far-reaching implications on international relations.

Despite the absence of Israeli companies at the exhibition in Chile, other global giants like Airbus, BAE, Boeing, and Turkish companies such as Baykar will be present. The Latin American region accounts for a small percentage of aerospace industry orders, but political decisions like these can have larger implications on relations between countries.

It is important to note that discussions like these require diversity and respect for different viewpoints in accordance with ethical codes of conduct. The decision to exclude Israel from the air show reflects larger geopolitical tensions in the region and showcases how political decisions can impact international relations.

Overall, this move by President Borich highlights how even small nations can make significant statements that reverberate across borders and shape international relations.

By Samantha Johnson

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